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The Trip Takers / All i want
(Single / Digital release)
Label: Area Pirata Records
Distribution: Goodfellas / Sonic Rendez Vous
OUT 11.21.2018








The Trip Takers / Jumper blues
7″ vinyl
Label: Area Pirata Records
Distribution: Goodfellas / Sonic Rendez Vous
OUT 04.30.2018

Jumper blues – 3.36″
Another one – 2.28″






The Trip Takers EP
12” vinyl
Label: Area Pirata Records
Distribution: Believe Music
OUT 10.25.2017

1. Don’t care about them – 1.57″
2. Spend my time with you – 2.27″
3. Someone else – 3.34″
4. Misty shore – 2.45″
5. Above – 2.38″
6. You are not me – 2.54″






Manuel Rotella (Manley) / Rhythm guitar & vocals
Carmelo Gazzè / Bass guitar, sitar & vocals
Morgan Maugeri / Lead guitar & vocals
Simone Di Blasi / Organ & vocals
Giuseppe Mangano / Drums & percussion

The Trip Takers project started in September of 2015; initially called “Revolution Number Six”.
The primordial core of the band was composed of Carmelo Gazzè, Manuel Rotella e Giuseppe Mangano and from the start their sound was influenced by obscure freakbeat and garage bands of the mid-sixties.
After a debut gig happened in February of 2016, the line-up of the group was completed during the following year by Morgan Maugeri and Simone Di Blasi.
The first Extended-Play vinyl record named “The Trip Takers” was published by “Area Pirata Records” in October of 2017 and it was favourably received by musical connoisseurs and specialised press; in the same phase they started a series of live shows in Italy and Germany.
On 30th of April 2018 was released the single “Jumper Blues” (Side b: Another One) and two weeks later the band was invited to play at prestigious “The Cavern Club“, Liverpool, in the context of “International Pop Overthrow Festival“; such significant participation will be the beginning of a series of live appointments around Germany, France, Denmark and Luxembourg on first European Tour.
In the same tour the band has entered to the “Voodoo Bug Studios” of Copenaghen for new tracks recording that will be out in the following year.
On the way back to hometown they have organised a psychedelic event called “Garage Invasion vol.1” with others important Dj’s belonging to european sixties scene.
The last two months of 2018 was the period of new digital single release called “All I want” and the subsequent Iberian Tour including participation at “Purple Weekend“, one of the most important garage/beat events in Europe.

“The Trip Takers are an Italian band suspended in the limbo between the conservatism of vintage sounds and the genuine and sincere “revivalism”.
The result is a sound that is clearly recognizable from the point of view of conceptual influences but vividly peculiar at the same time.”


Il progetto The Trip Takers affonda le sue radici nel settembre 2015 quando ancora si chiamavano ” Revolution Number 6″ ; il nucleo originario della band era composto da Carmelo Gazzè, Manuel Rotella e Giuseppe Mangano e il loro sound è stato sin da subito influenzato da complessi di matrice sixties; dopo l’esordio dal vivo avvenuto l’ 11 febbraio 2016, la formazione viene completata l’anno successivo con gli inserimenti di Morgan Maugeri e Simone Di Blasi.
In ottobre 2017 vede la luce il primo EP omonimo: “The Trip Takers”, con l’etichetta ‘Area Pirata Records’ (PI), la cui uscita è subito seguita da un’ottima accoglienza da parte della critica del settore; la pubblicazione rigorosamente in vinile proietterà la band in una serie di appuntamenti live in Italia e Germania.
Il 30 aprile 2018 esce il singolo Jumper Blues (Lato B: Another One), sempre edito da Area Pirata Records.
Due settimane dopo partono per la volta di Liverpool, invitati a esibirsi nella rassegna “International PopOverthrow Festival” nella prestigiosa location del “Cavern Club“; tale importante partecipazione farà da apripista a un secondo tour europeo nel giugno dello stesso anno che toccherà i paesi di Germania, Francia, Lussemburgo e Danimarca. Durante il tour hanno modo di entrare al Voodoo Bug Studio di Copenaghen per incidere su nastro nuovo materiale inedito che vedrà la luce l’anno successivo.
Al rientro dal tour la band ha organizzato nella propria città natale la rassegna “Garage Invasion vol.1” dove hanno condiviso lo stage con alcuni importanti Dj’s appartenenti alla scena sixties europea.
Gli ultimi due mesi dell’anno 2018 raccontano l’uscita del singolo “All I want” in formato esclusivamente digitale e la successiva tourneè iberica all’interno della quale vedrà la band impegnata nella trentesima edizione del “Purple Weekend“, importante manifestazione del circuito garage/beat europeo che si tiene ogni anno nella città di Leòn in Spagna.

“The Trip Takers sono una band italiana sospesa nel limbo tra il conservatorismo di suoni d’epoca e il “revivalismo” genuino e sincero.
Il risultato è un sound chiaramente riconoscibile dal punto di vista delle influenze concettuali ma allo stesso tempo vivacemente peculiare.”



New from Area Pirata Records, the home of Italian Garage Rock, comes the debut mini-album/EP from Garage/Beat obsessives The Trip Takers. Eschewing modern recording techniques to create an authentic vintage lo-fi analogue sound, The Trip Takers EP revisits the classic mid 60s proto-Nuggets era of American Garage/Psych with six tracks that channel the slightly shambolic records by “British Invasion” influenced bands such as The Groupies, The Velvet Illusions, The Inmates, The Cave Men and Satan & The G Men whose two minutes of fuzzed up teen angst tend to turn up on one of the many Pebbles compilations and the much weirder early acid heads who were the psychedelic trailblazers. The Trip Takers have lovingly recreated these sounds with such an ear for detail that they do sound like songs that could have been recently rediscovered after decades lost in the archives somewhere.
With a mix of Beatles pop smarts and Byrdsian jangle, side one of the EP is firmly rooted circa 1965/66 with the sound of early Garage bands more than evident on the three tracks on this side of the disc. While side one is firmly inspired by early Beat bands, side two sees The Trip Takers exploring wonky mid 60s Psychedelia and sounding not unlike Nashville Psych Pop outsiders The Sufis with three tracks of acid drenched strangeness. Recalling the first wave of acid advocates where the Beat bands began turning on, tuning in and freaking out, ‘Misty Shore’, ‘Above’ and ‘You Are Not Me’ are recreations that tap into the vibe of the times with swirling organ and sitar pushed way up front in the mix. For serious RetroHeads, The Trip Takers EP is well worth your time…
it may not be in anyway original, but that’s not really the point.

“Psychedelia is a state of mind that translates into music, an attitude that produces sounds that should not be self-referential but rather fluid and alive enough to penetrate the mind and the imagination of those who listen to them”. Well what you have just read, I saw you that you were sitting unbelievers, is what you are going to listen to making this ep of the Sicilian Trip Takers, six pieces for just over a quarter of an hour of music. To make it clear how good this record would be enough the first beautiful piece Do not Care About Them, a song that is more Beatles of the Beatles and more Dukes of Stratospheariana of the Dukes of Stratosphear, if you are willing to make a cd mixed to the person you love do not forget this song because it can touch the soul and the heart like few others. But obviously the delights do not stop with the first track but rather continue with the acidic chanting at Someone Else’s 13th Floor Elevators, to the references to the magnificent and too little known Steppes of Misty Store to close with the most psych opious and dreamy piece of the lot the You Are Not Me. The cover, very beautiful in its (apparent) simplicity, and the photo on the back that portrays ours in a pose that recalls that of Graham Day and its Gaolers give a further value to a product already in itself very valid. Only one defect can be found on this record and it is to last too little and to leave the listener eager for more pieces. Defect that as you can easily understand is easily overcome.

It happens to throw on topics learned in certain after dinner demanding where you have to give everything, to win new attention or consolidate the old. It happens to throw on the table still laden strange Latin phrases with great nonchalance, hoping that they pass completely observed and stab in the soft points the bystanders thus transforming us into absolute sovereigns of the night. Here, Nomen Omen is one of those strange expressions that haunt me since childhood, and this I thought listening for the first time the Trip Takers and their colorful Ep debut. We do not know if they are adepts of the beautiful lysergic world, but of the background son of those golden age visions certainly yes. And what music would you say, because if the notes of Pirate Area (label with an enviable peripheral vision) did not speak of a quintet of contemporary Sicilian musicians, it would seem to hear a 45 laps of at least 50 years ago. A sort of wormhole that connects California to England, the years 60 to 2000, always in precarious balance between Beatles and Byrds, between aromatic fumes and hair bob, one granita after another. Nothing is missing from these 6 tracks to make a bang, nor the compositional charisma nor the meticulous nerd retromania that made tools and techniques of analog recording a 2.0 resource. See you soon, hopefully, on stages throughout Europe. At least!

Limiting, superfluous, needless to reveal the origin of this band in its debut.All you ask is to close your eyes and project you into the 1960s at Merseybeat, knocking on the doorstep of Swingin ‘London. Nothing else.
Leave all the rest.
The Trip Takers are authentic, credible temponauts able to transcend the limiting concept of revival to redefine a style full of suggestions of clear Beatlesian ancestry. Their mini album looks like an axial projection of a kaleidoscopic vision of the beat / folk of ’65. (Solo) six songs that are like the fresh morning air when you open the shutters. Or rather, when you opened them fifty years ago.Crystalline melodies, guitars arpeggiate as if they were stroking Jane Birkin’s legs, advancing with their fingertips as if they were the tentacles of a transparent jellyfish.Songs that go down like the manna, read like the feathers of the Byrds (or, in the concluding You Are Not Me, like their carpet, NdLYS) and worthy of the refinements of their compatriots Beau Brummels. For the taste buds of vintage-sound, one of the groups-revelation of this year.



The Trip Takers



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